Urgent Appeal

Ukraine NGO Coordination Network

The war in Ukraine has created one of the most urgent humanitarian crises in Europe since the end of World War II. The Ukraine NGO Coordination Network (UNCN), a network of U.S.-based 501c3 organizations and non-profit humanitarian organizations, is currently working around the clock to evacuate people in need including women and children to safety and provide food, water, medicine, and other life-saving humanitarian aid to those in need.

"A Team of Teams"

UNCN is a network of 30+ NGOs (primarily 501c3s) based on the “team of teams” concept. These NGOs have learned from prior crises, including the evacuation of Afghanistan, that a collaborative effort can achieve results greater than the sum of its parts. UNCN was formed to provide an outward-facing single point of contact for those wishing to assist the NGOs doing the meaningful work on the ground and to centralize resource intake (both financial and non-financial) and deconflict and collaborate operations amongst NGOs.The constituent groups of UNCN were among the first non-profit organizations running operations in Ukraine. Members of UNCN organizations were tracking the deteriorating security situation in Ukraine even before the Russian invasion, and within 24 hours, were actively working to assist those in-country.


Core Capabilities

UNCN’s member organizations include experienced teams of active and retired military personnel (including special operations veterans), retired senior intelligence officers, medical experts, translators, former USAID development experts, and frontline civilians who have decades of experience mobilizing and responding to humanitarian emergencies in armed conflicts. We are currently mobilizing operations to support the evacuation of refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine and provide on the ground direct assistance to communities in need.

- Evacuation - at-scale and targeted/contested
- Humanitarian Aid & In-Country Medical Assistance
- Open Source Intelligence and Command Post services
- Translation and Cultural Navigation Services
- Specialized Logistics Support
- Fundraising & Resource Intake

Our work is the work of our Partners

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Our Partners

Resource Donation Outreach:

UNCN.one is a project of Heart of an Ace, a Florida not-for-profit corporation with 501c3 status.UNCN.one does not expressly endorse or control the activities of any of the NGOs listed. Before making any contribution conduct your own research and consult your legal and tax advisors as necessary.


Core Capabilities

1. Evacuation:
- Identify and prioritize vulnerable and at-risk individuals and families in need of evacuation
- Identify and secure safe transport from multiple pick-up locations in Ukraine
- Support ground operations and field specialists to identify the most secure pathways to safety
- Provide food and water to families in our care
- Partner with organizations and contacts in third country locations who can provide onward support for families on their journey to safety.
2. Humanitarian Aid & In-Country Medical Assistance
- Identify and source food, water, medicine, medical equipment, and other items of humanitarian aid
- Partner with organizations and contacts in Ukraine to identify the most at-risk communities in urgent need of support
- Secure transport of humanitarian aid to communities and medical facilities
- In collaboration with vetted partners, facilitate distribution of emergency assistance to those trapped in Ukraine
3. Open-Source Intelligence & Safe Routing
- Leverage open-source intelligence and first-hand from volunteers to understand a rapidly changing environment
- Create a common operating picture and situational awareness to help our network respond quickly to new needs for support and promote safe operations
4. Translation & Linguists
- Network of native speakers, persons with years of in-country experience, and DLI-trained translators support communications and intelligence collection efforts
- Helps verify to evacuees who we are, and provide them accurate instructions and information to facilitate their safe movement
5. Logistics Support
- Source a supply of medical and humanitarian aid supplies at competitive prices (many at cost) in an environment where resource scarcity is high
- Build persistent supply chain to ensure the continued flow of supplies to conflict zone and refugee areas
- Facilitate shipment from sourcing regions to staging areas near, or in-country, as well as handoff to trusted NGOs with operations in-country
6. Fundraising and Resource Intake
- Provide a single point of contact for financial and non-financial contributions including medical aid and humanitarian aid
- Generate outreach and publicity for the network of NGO’s.

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